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I had posted on social media that I really wanted to make a trip to see the ocean. All my friends from Florida were unavailable to host me. I then received a message from an old college classmate in Los Angelas. "Want to come out to California?" she asked. "Sure!" I said.

I hadn't seen the ocean in 3 years. When I saw it, I was deeply moved. 

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Whenever I take a trip like this, I am always reminded of the goodness of the Lord. Each trip always seem to be planned by Him. While I plan little, I find so many surprises along the way. The world is truly a beautiful place and I can't wait to explore it more, all the while meeting and interacting with His wonderful creation, the people He has made.


In the mornings when my host was at work I drank some of her delicious coffee and basked in her backyard. Her backyard had a lemon tree and orange tree. They fascinated me. I ate from both. I got grass all over my feet when I walked barefoot across her yard.


On the last evening, we went to Hollywood and downtown Angelas. The city was nice, but I really fell in love with the ocean. I am sure that will not be the last time I visit this wonderful city.


The water was so cold and blue. How do I know it was cold? Because I went surfing for the very first time. It was the most exhilarating and terrifying thing I have every experienced. 


Over the few days I was there, we drove along the coastline. I've never seen anything more beautiful. The road was windy and was always being worked on. Around every corner there was a new vision of beauty to be taken in.