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Anthony & Caroline flew all the way from Florida to meet me at this beautiful rock for their engagement session. From Sunset Rock you can see both Chattanooga and the distant mountains. The winding Chattanooga river can be seen from her edge. On this particular the sun wasn't shining. It was raining. But it didn't stop me or this sweet couple from capturing some amazing photos! It is couples like Anthony & Caroline that inspire me as a photographer. This adventurous couple met in El Salvador. About a year after meeting, they started to date. For a while, their relationship was just long distance, but that didn't stop them. The two fell in love. It was my privilege to capture their story.

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Hi! I am Sarah Elizabeth and I am your photographer! For as long as I can remember I've been exploring the outdoors. Growing up my mother would often find me with jars and plastic containers full of bugs and reptiles. I remember the first time I caught a blue tail lizard, known as The Five Lined Skink that was common for the South East of the United States. I was fascinated by butterflies and I remember finding my first Monarch caterpillar. His bold white, yellow and black stripes gave him away as he hung upside down under a Milkweed plant. When I was twelve I picked up a camera for the first time. My love for telling stories and compassion towards individuals has not changed. Today I am an outdoor photographer that tells the adventurous stories of my clients who hire me. What's your story? I'd love to hear about it over a cup of cappucino. 

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Caroline & Sam spent most of their time getting to know one another in the great outdoors. From hiking to rock climbing, the two were inseparable. One of their favorite places to hike is at Foster Falls. They even named their dog, Foster. It was exciting to wake up early in the morning to beat the crowd and photograph this fun-loving couple. Their story was captured well, and we made many memories along the way. They are happily married and live in Chattanooga with Foster. 

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